Barbie Collecting Value Guide

As people always say...everything has a price. You might be wondering what the values of your Barbie doll are or if you are getting ready to purchase Barbie doll collectibles to add to your collection what price should you pay?  

To ensure they are correctly identifying their set, a  Barbie doll
collector should always use a  Barbie Collecting Value Guide.

* Barbie doll identification guide
* Barbie collecting value guide
* Barbie restoration guide
* Barbie price guide


Spend time researching your Barbie collector dolls, to understand their history, and related items like dollhouses, clothes, coloring books, games, etc. to help you in the process of finding the right values for your dolls. Use many different methods such as internet, auctions, local stores, and basic Barbie Collector Guides or Barbie Doll Field Guides.

Some key words that you will need to learn while you are researching through your Barbie Collecting Value Guide:

HTF- hard to find
MIB- mint in box (factory doll in mint condition)
NIB- New in Box
NRFB- Never removed from box

Here are some other key terms for Barbie doll condition you will see in a value collecting guide:

  • C-10 - Flawless in original packaging
  • C-9 - Never handled but without original packaging
  • C-8 - Near flawless handled only few times no packaging
  • Barbie Doll Book Values is defined as the pricing guide values of the collector Barbie.
Note:  Keep in mind that a C scale mentioned in most guides for Barbie doll condition eanges from C-1 to C-10 but most value collectors only seek out C-8 through C-10 as a condition worth collecting.

Barbie collector dolls should reflect the values of the items you collect because they appeal to you. This is the point where the value of your Barbie collector doll become intangible so even if the worth of the Barbie you are collecting isn’t of value as mentioned in your guide, the sentimental worth could make the Barbie more valuable to you!

Try to use online auctions as a guide when determine your collector Barbie values. Also, while trying to determine  your collector Barbie Doll value you will need to look for Vintage Barbie collecting terminology and it will guide you in the right direction.