The best way to understand Mattel Barbie Doll collecting is to look at a price guide for dolls which show three types of criteria.  When collecting Barbie, a doll’s price value is directly related to:
  •     The rarity of the doll your collecting
  •     The collecting doll’s place in history
  •          The collecting doll's features and condition 
  All of this information is available in a Barbie Doll collecting value guide which are available at your local bookstore or through online searches.

But, there is alot more to collecting Barbie than just Barbie Collector Dolls. Take for instance Barbie clothes.

Dressing up your Barbie in different vintage clothes outfits, searching for new fashion doll knits, and making handmade barbie clothes using their own free clothes pattern are all practised enthusiastically by many barbie doll collectors.

Free Barbie sewing and knitting patterns as well as printable Barbie doll patterns are all sought out as enthusiastic hobbies and is a big part of barbie doll collecting.

Next, you really can't practise barbie doll collecting and not have a place for them to live. This act has lead to the phenomina and a form of barbie doll collecting all to itself called the Barbie doll house.

People have been collecting Barbie dollhouses for sale, whether vintage or modern for years. Many individuals seek to build a Barbie dollhouse themselves either wooden or from dollhouse plans or kits. Others collect Barbie dollhouse furniture and minatures.

Besides barbie dolls, toys have been a huge market for Barbie collecting. Barbie paper dolls, ride on toys like the Barbie Jammin Jeep, and cash registers to styling heads and even a rv party bus have graced many a girls holiday shopping list.

Not to mention Barbie coloring, computer games like math, makeover, and dress up, songs, commercials, and even movies from Barbie Rapunzel to Barbie and the Three Musketeers have all become a part of the Barbie culture and expanded the concept of barbie doll collecting.