While doing an appraisal for your Barbie doll for identification purposes, check it closely for distinctive features.  These features will help you identify the year, style, and ultimately the value of your Barbie.  Here are some examples of what you can look at for identification of your Barbie doll:
  1. Look at the height and weight of the Barbie doll
  2. shape and color of the eyes of your doll 
  3. color and style of the hair
  4. style of clothing
  5. identification marks 




Identification marks are the marks that distinguish your Barbie doll from other model years, styles, and makes of dolls. When doing an appraisal  check for identification marks on your Barbie doll:
  • Look for marks at the torso, back of head, and feet. 
  • Try to get identification of the doll maker and note all letters, #s, or symbolic marks. 

Also note:  When appraising of your Barbie, the identification markings on her abdomen sometimes are not the date your Barbie was made but the date it was molded. This affects the appraisal value of your Barbie doll.



All these are important factors to consider when identifying your Barbie doll.



There are many doll appraisal reference books available as well as identification guides for your Barbie. These are great tools for comparing doll markings and providing some visual reference as well through photographs.




Sometimes during your appraisal, you might find that Barbie reveals no distinctive marks of identification. You must then refer to the appearance and style of your doll to accurately identify it.  
Although this can be frustrating, there are still many ways to gain an identification reference for your Barbie visually. Finding an identification for your Barbie doll can be challenging and also fun, especially if you find your doll is valuable to the market, even though now it is probably even more valuable to you.