Build Barbie Dollhouse




If you collect Barbie or just have children who enjoy playing with them, to build a Barbie dollhouse can be a gratifying and meaningful experience for you and your loved ones. Hopefully these tips on how to build a Barbie dollhouse will help you with your process.  


How to build a Barbie dollhouse 

There are a couple of advantages when you build your own Barbie dollhouse. There are many ways to build a Barbie wooden dollhouse of your own.
  •  If you build your own Barbie dollhouse you can build it and sturdy enough to accommodate the age of your child and the number of Barbie dolls they typically play with.
  • This method can also allow you to personally build a design for your Barbie Dollhouse that is visually pleasing to yourself and most importantly the ones you build it for.


  • Build dollhouse from scratch using your own creativity and choice of materials (requires a relative amount of woodworking expertise)
  • Build using Barbie dollhouse plans and materials suggested (must be somewhat versed in woodworking)
  • Build your own Barbie dollhouse from a pre-assembled kit or using an existing premade piece of furniture like a bookshelf.
  • Have a Barbie Dollhouse custom made for you (usually will build out of wood) 



   Barbie Dollhouse Bookcases






How to build a Barbie Dollhouse plans,books and how to guides are available as well as Barbie dollhouse furniture and lighting to help enhance your final product. These can be found at collectible stores as well as on the internet, and will hopefully help you if you decide to build your own Barbie Dollhouse. Whether you build your own Barbie wooden dollhouse, have one custom made, or build a Barbie Dollhouse from a preassembled Dollhouse kit, hopefully these methods will provide you much personal satisfaction and give something for your child to value for years to come.