Free Barbie sewing patterns


Free Barbie sewing patterns is a great way to create your own designer clothes for all of your Barbie dolls.  You can find sewing patterns in many books and even free templates online.


Here are examples of some free Barbie sewing patterns templates you can use to make your own barbie clothes:

First use a graphics software program like photoshop or gimp to import your sewing templates.

You can adjust the dimensions of your pattern so that it fits a standard barbie doll (usually six inches wide and eight inches tall works well). 
Then use the rotate function in your software program to turn your pattern if you like. The pattern for a barbie skirt is usually 6 by 8 as well although more height would be needed for longer dresses, evening gowns, or slacks.

Use layering to fit a shape over the full size of your pattern  t-shirt,  jacket, or  skirt (if you are using the same sewing patterns for all). Then use the tools to auto fill the patterns with colors or designs you choose.

Use layering underneath the sewing patterns so that the outline for the Barbie doll clothing templates show up over the printable pattern or color.

Test your pattern by printing a page out on plain paper first.  If you are happy with the result,  you may then go ahead and transfer and run the patterns on a ink jet designed for clothes fabric.

Allow at least five or more minutes for the ink to dry on your fabric transfer before peeling off the sheet backing. then you can remove the jacket and skirt from the fabric sheet. Make the cut at the front of the jacket up to the neck and then punch out the hole.

Apply a small stream of fabric adhesive around curved edges of the pattern on one side. Fold it in half and slowly line it up with the other  curve opposite it.  Gently squeeze it together untill it adheres on its own. Repeat with the other curves untill the pattern is complete. After the fabric glue has dried for at least 30 minutes or so, then you can reverse your clothing pattern inside out.

To attach the skirt, place a small circle or strip of self adhering velcro inside the back of a skirt, pants, or even dress. This will serve as the closing device for the clothes.

Stay focused on where the pattern curves are on the transfer and which are the front and the back (you can mark them on the opposite sides using a pencil so they remain hidden).

Using Velcro dots instead of strips will usually encourage your barbie clothers to adhere better. Use clip arts or designs preloaded in your graphics software tools to insert stripes, plaid, or polka dots to fill your patterns with something besides a solid color.

Free sewing patterns can be used to modify and change outfits and create great combinations of barbie clothes for years to come.