You might be wondering, " How much is my Barbie worth?"  I hope by joining a Barbie Doll collectors group you are able find the value of your collection but you are also able to develop much great friendship because you have something in common.  One last option when you need to find the worth of your Barbie Doll collection is to get your Barbie Doll appraised

During the eighth step (see all steps of Barbie collecting) it would be worth your while to meet with
  • other collectors,
  • visit collector shows in the area,
  • visit local stores,
  • visit auctions,
  • and of course do online searches how much your collector Barbie or Barbies are worth . 

Depending on your schedule, much will determine which avenue you will take to collaborate with other collectors.  If you have time on your hands then it might be worth it for you to start your own Barbie Doll collector group in your own hometown.  You would need to advertise your Barbie Doll to collector groups through word of mouth and free advertising.  But one word of advice, worth noting,  would be to visit your local stores to see if there has been a group formed and find out how you can join.  If there is not one then here is your chance to start your own.  It will be a great way for you to meet new collectors and will help you with your need to find the worth of your Barbie Doll collection.  

If you decide to start a group then when you visit your local stores you could share with them that you have started a Barbie Doll group and could ask them to share the good news. It is also worth starting your own group because during the auctions and collector shows in the area you can also get some free advertising and maybe some new members.  If you seemed to be really into Barbie doll collecting a wonderful event to attend is the annual
Barbie Doll Collectors Convention.  You will find that by starting this new group, it can help you answer the question of  How much is my Barbie worth? and be a great way to share your love of Barbie Doll collecting.