List of Different Types of Barbies

There have been nearly 5o, ooo different types of Barbies produced since the first Barbie was released in 1959. The first ponytail barbie is still valued (in MIB condition) between 7,ooo to as much as 15,ooo dollars.

Since then most different types of Barbies were produced according to era and many are still considered vintage and carry quite high values.

Around 1972 or so most of the Barbie line went to mainstream production and values still typically reflect retail price or slightly higher with some types being exceptions.

Now most different types of Barbies are produced as limited editions or fall under categories like silkstone, holiday, or designer label.

Labeling types of designer Barbies as pink, silver, gold, or platinum allowed for some exclusivity to the list market by limiting production to certain number of dolls made depending on the label.

All along, many different types of Barbies have been produced to mimic movies, stars, celebrities, and have even crossed ethnic and geographic backgrounds and usually list a value according to trend and rarity.

Here is a list of different types of Barbies that have been produced through the years. (Choose any barbie type below to see auctions on these types of barbies)

Vintage (pre-1973)
Contemporary (1973-present)

Pop Culture
Dolls of the World
Designer Label
DC Comics
Top Model
Harley Davidson
Motion Picture
Movie Stars
Bob Mackie
Bubble Cut