Printable Dollhouse Miniatures



Printable dollhouse miniatures are printable accessories used in dollhouse displays.  These miniatures are usually printed on plain card stock, sometimes on fabric, and put together to make boxes, bags, wall hangings, appliances, furniture, etc.  These printable accessories help enhance the overall attractiveness of your dollhouse. Miniatures such as printable quilts, wallpaper, flooring, roofing, are also designed to enhance the realistic quality of the finished dollhouse.


Many printable dollhouse miniatures can be found in books and catalogues and some can be downloaded over the internet and printed off home printers.

They are made to different sizes and scales in proportion to the size of your dollhouse.  Most scales represent 1/12 of actual size for a Barbie sized dollhouse but printable miniatures are now available for smaller scale dollhouses.  This dollhouse scale is usually 1/24 or 1 inch representing 2 feet actual size.


Things to consider when finding printable dollhouse miniatures are:

     Type of color and design you are looking for with printabel miniatures

   Size or scale needed to fit the dollhouse

   Theme of the dollhouse you are trying to represent

   Interior layout and design of dollhouse that is preferred 



 How to make your own printable dollhouse miniatures

   First use some form of modern photo editing software

   Take a digital picture of the object you want as a printable for your dollhouse

   Make sure to take pictures of all 3 dimensional sides of the miniatures

   Upload the pictures of your miniatures to your software program

   Reduce the picture to the desired scale to fit your dollhouse

   Make sure you remove any background

   Print out the photos and arrange in a foldable position

   Copy the finished printable on a master for printing   



Here are some examples of types of printable miniatures to use for your dollhouse.  These miniatures are free and fully printable accessories to use for your dollhouse.



lamp 1
lamp 2   computer
welcome mat
rug 1     fridge
  rug 2 
stained glass


Dollhouses are both functional and aesthetic.  Using printable miniatures will add functionality and beauty to your dollhouse and provide hours of enjoyment for anyone who plays with it.