Vintage Barbie Identification


For identification of vintage Barbie dolls,  there is an essential possession to have and it is “The Complete Unauthorized Guide to Vintage Barbie Dolls & Fashions: With Barbie & Skipper Fashions and the Whole Family of Barbie Dolls” (Schiffer Book for Collectors). It encompasses the Barbie Doll period of 1959-1970. Featured are Barbie and her friends as well as the clothes and accessories together with availability and prices. Worthwhile to mention is the identification of the individual pieces versus the mint condition that is still un-tampered from the box, which is much rarer and so also more valuable. It is an excellent doll identification reference device for vintage Barbie collectors.



®Rare Barbie Vintage Dolls


In some occasions, while doing your appraisal, you may find that a vintage Barbie shows no distinguishing features of identification. In that case, you really needed to base your observation on its sole appearance and design to precisely determine its identity. Even though, this can be disappointing, there are still several ways to gain an appraising reference for your vintage Barbie dolls through the sense of the human vision. Searching for an appraisal for one's vintage Barbie dolls can indeed be difficult and also enjoyable at the same time, particularly if one's vintage dolls are very highly-priced or valuable in the market.


During the year of 2004, they modified from the "Collector Edition" or "Limited Edition" to a four-tiered structure which will organize the collection of the Barbie doll during the release process.  It gave the people doing the collecting an opportunity to be on the "same page" if they added a Barbie doll to their doll collecting group. It is a color-marked level and it has limited amounts as well as more advertising. This is awesome for someone who is collecting vintage Barbie Dolls because they do not have to remove them out of the box. The box is the display and makes the Barbie doll that more magnificent to someone who is collecting.



There is a silver label, which includes the Birthday Wishes dolls or Chocolate Obsession Barbie. These are exclusives to not exceed more than 50,000 dolls. It is a very attractive silver package. It is known as the "new edition of the cake box package". This tier definitely represents the joy of collecting. For those of us who desire this Barbie doll, these are available at choice individual sellers like Toys R Us. You may also desire to be become a member of a doll club or even begin your very own. You may choose to do so over the Internet or search for one in the immediate local area to join.

There are vintage clothes for Barbie dolls for every occasion. Casual wear for Barbie, formal gowns, beachwear, sleepwear, coats with matching hats, doll costumes, wedding gowns, vintage clothing as well as a great choices of Barbie shoes. Barbie Doll clothes and 11 1/2" vintage fashion doll clothes are all available in their own design and manufacture. Some non-genuine vintage Barbie dolls have a little bit varying dimensions and certain clothes items may not fit perfectly, but their identification a fun challenge.