Vintage Barbies for Sale

Vintage Barbies have been valued as collector items since the first Barbie doll was invented in 1959.  This original barbie went on sale for $ 2.00 and now carries a sale value of anywhere from $6,000 to $15,000 depending on the Barbies vintage condition.
Barbies are still valued as vintage collectibles and can carry a high sale price depending on the model and condition. The early vintage Barbies are considered the rarest and are usually priced the highest for sale or bid.

This page explains the eras of vintage Barbies and what they currently are offered for bid or sale on the market today. To view Vintage Barbies for bid or sale click on the date next to each item.

Vintage Era Barbies for Sale  1959-1967       

1959  Vintage Ponytail #1/#2(Blonde)                              Vintage Ponytail #1/#2(Brunette)                 
1960   Ponytail #3/#4(blonde)  Ponytail #3/#4(Brunette)   Bubblecut Barbies Blonde/Brunette/Platinum
1961   Titian Ponytail                 Titian Bubblecut              Bubblecut Blonde/Brunette/ Red /  #1 Ken
1962   Ponytail Blonde Swirl      Ponytail Brunette             Bubblecut Blonde/Brunette/ Red / #1 Midge
1963   Vintage Fashion Queen   Titian Bubblecut               Skipper / Skooter / Midge
1964   Ponytail Blonde Swirl      Ponytail Brunette             Miss Barbie / Skipper 
1965   American Girl Sidepart    American Girl Blonde      Americal Girl Titian / Francie / Tutti  / Skipper
1966   Twist and Turn Barbies   Barbie and Ken               Malibu PJ Blonde                 Brunette Midge

Vintage Mod Barbies for Sale 1967-1972

1967     Twist and Turn Mod         Talking Barbie Mod           TNT Stacey               1967 Porcelain
1968     Talking Stacey                  Julia Barbies                       Vintage Bubblecut Barbies
1969     Twist and Turn Barbies     Talking PJ                          Talking Ken
1970     Living Barbie (Sears)         Live Action Mod Barbie     Live Action PJ
1971     Vintage Walk Lively          Hair Fair Brunette               Walk Lively Ken
1972     Quick Curl Miss America   Vintage Montgomery Ward